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Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse Cases

When we entrust a nursing home to care for an elderly family member, it can be shocking when you find out your loved one is being abused. This can include physical abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse and even financial abuse. A Northern Kentucky personal injury attorney should be contacted immediately if you suspect or have evidence of any type of abuse at a nursing home facility. Robert Raper is well-versed in the laws that protect elders, as well as the standards of care and treatment that are expected at a care facility for seniors. He will conduct a thorough investigation of the situation, and aggressively fight for personal injury compensation if an elder family member has been injured by an employee at a nursing home. This includes including wrongful death benefits if a loved one was fatally harmed while at a care facility.

Covington Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

A nursing home is required by law to provide proper care and treatment to it residents, including:

  • Maintaining sanitary conditions at the facility
  • Providing regular bathing and hygiene for residents
  • Providing protection from health hazards
  • Properly feeding residents
  • Providing proper medical treatment

When these rights are violated, or employees at the facility engage in any form of physical, mental, emotional or sexual abuse, a qualified lawyer from the firm can guide you in seeking compensation for the elders' injuries. Benefits that are paid in personal injury cases include medical costs, rehabilitation, pain and suffering and emotional trauma. If an elder's injuries resulted in death, you may also be entitled to additional compensation for your losses.