Month: December 2017

Workplace Accidents

Workplace Accidents

Considering the number of hours American employees spend on-the-job, it's no surprise that workplace accidents are bound to occur. Every year thousands of workers are injured during the course of their work, thus resulting in all types of injuries, occupational diseases and even work-related deaths. If you or someone you love has been injured in a workplace accident, Northern Kentucky personal injury attorney Robert Roper can uphold your legal rights while pursuing maximum compensation from the legally responsible party.

Most Kentucky employees are covered under workers' compensation insurance which typically covers medical care, rehabilitation services, and physical therapy, and wage losses that were incurred as a result of the injury or occupational disease.

Although you have every right to be fully compensated for any workplace injuries you might have sustained, the insurance company and your employer have a vested interest in keeping their claim as low as possible. In effect, you may not get all the medical care you need, or your benefits may be terminated before you have had the opportunity to fully recover.

Northern Kentucky Workplace Accident Attorney

Workplace Accidents

Mr. Roper cares deeply about your situation and the well-being of your family. He understands that workplace accidents can wreak havoc on your personal life, your finances, and your ability to care for your family. The firm would like to see to it that you get the medical care and benefits that you truly deserve. If you encounter any trouble from your employer, or their insurance company, he is prepared to go head-to-head with them while keeping your best interests in mind at all times. He can also go to court on your behalf if you need assistance extending your benefits and medical treatment.

If you have been injured on the job, or experienced a work-related injury or an occupational disease, attorney Robert Roper can help you pursue much-needed compensation. He can also examine the possibility of a third party claim. When a workplace injury is caused by third party negligence, such as a contractor, you may have a third party claim in addition to a workers' compensation claim. If you were injured in a work-related accident, the firm will fight tenaciously to help you recover maximum compensation.