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Railroad Accidents & FELA

Railroad Accidents

The Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA) was passed by Congress in1908 before there were workers' compensation laws in place. FELA protects injured railroad workers by putting them in a favorable position in terms of pursuing financial compensation for their injuries, allowing them to file a lawsuit against their employer for negligence.

Due to the fact that FELA provides immeasurable benefits for railroad workers, workers and their unions continue to exempt themselves from compensation laws in many states. If you were injured in a railroad accident, you should contact a Northern Kentucky personal injury attorney without delay.

The Federal Employers' Liability Act

Today, the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA) remains the sole remedy in an action brought by a railroad worker against his employer. In general, these lawsuits under the FELA can be brought in either the state or federal courts. Although workers' compensation laws for other industries are restricted to recovering economic losses, the FELA is more generous to railroad employees by allowing them recover additional damages such as lost income, loss of future income, compensation for pain and suffering, in addition to payment for the employee's reduced ability to earn a living due to the injuries sustained.

Since working in the railroad industry is perceived to be inherently dangerous, the FELA upholds railroad companies to the highest standards of railroad safety. These statutory duties demand that the railroad company exercises reasonable care to provide a safe working environment. The duties go on to include maintaining a reasonably safe rail track, locomotives, cars, machinery, roadbed, tools, and any other equipment the employees may use in the everyday course of their job with the railroad.

Railroad Accidents

Northern Kentucky FELA Attorney

Fortunately, the defense that the employee "assumed the risk of injury" does not prevent an employee from recovery, nor does negligence of a fellow employee. Railroad accidents can cause serious, catastrophic injuries for railroad workers and employees. Railroad companies have an obligation under the FELA to keep the work environment safe and prevent the risk of undue harm to their employees.

Tragically, when these companies fail to take the necessary precautions, workers can sustain serious on-the-job injuries or exposure to hazardous chemicals. If you were injured in a railroad accident, or if your loved one died during the course of their work, attorney Robert Roper can provide you with aggressive legal support during this difficult time in your life. To learn more about your rights to monetary compensation under the FELA, please contact the firm today.

Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slip and Fall Law

Slip and Fall Accidents

Property owners have a legal responsibility to keep their premises properly maintained and free from hazards. If you have been injured in a fall on someone's property because of their carelessness, you may be entitled to personal injury benefits. Contact a Northern Kentucky personal injury attorney at once to have your case reviewed and to find out about the laws pertaining to injury compensation. A qualified lawyer can explain the claim process and how to properly document your case when pursuing a personal injury claim.

Covington Slip and Fall Attorney

An unexpected fall on a sidewalk, grassy area, hallway or building stairwell can result in severe injuries including fractures, foot injuries, knee injuries, back injuries, head trauma and spinal cord injuries. It can take several months to recover from these types of injuries. Some falls are so severe they can result in permanent damage and life-long disabilities that can compromise your quality of life.

Robert Raper is an experienced personal injury attorney and can discuss your rights to compensation for medical expenses and losses, including:

  • Hospitalization
  • Medical treatment
  • Physical therapy
  • Home care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost income

He is a former insurance defense attorney that will aggressively seek monetary damages for your injuries if they were caused by a property owner's negligence, including improper or inadequate grounds maintenance, not providing sufficient lighting and failing to properly store equipment and supplies. The firm knows what to expect from insurance companies when a claim is filed, and can be relied on to provide skilled legal counsel and representation throughout your case.

Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle accidents frequently result in the most serious injuries of any other type of traffic accident. This is mainly due to one factor, that of the lack of protection that a rider enjoys when navigating roads and highways. A fully protected rider will only have a helmet, pads, and riding leathers separating them from vehicles and stationary objects in a collision, and many riders choose to go without any manner of protection at all. This can lead to life-altering injuries in an accident that include fractured or crushed bones, serious brain damage, spinal cord trauma (resulting in paralysis), internal injuries such as hemorrhaging, and coma. If the accident is severe enough, it may even leave the rider fatally wounded. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a motorcycle rider is nine times more likely to be injured in an accident, and 37 times more likely to be killed, than those riding in a passenger vehicle at the time of a collision.

It is urgently important that you contact a Northern Kentucky personal injury lawyer if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, as you may be entitled to substantial compensation for the damages you have sustained. A lawyer can work with the insurance companies on your behalf in attempting to negotiate a settlement that is adequate to cover your injury-related expenses.

Legal Assistance for Those Injured in Motorcycle Accidents in Covington

Robert Raper possesses experience in trying all manner of personal injury cases, including those involving motorcycle accidents, car accidents, and truck accidents. He fights aggressively on behalf of his clients, to ensure that their rights as accident victims are upheld, and he is available to provide you with the same service in your case. Contact his offices today to discuss your motorcycle accident, and he may be able to devise a legal strategy that results in a favorable conclusion to your case.